Friday, August 17, 2018

Etiquette from Mrs. Adams

“In the days of Louis XIV and XV, fans glistened with gilding and gems, and were ornamented by Boucher and Watteau. These works of art were often sold at as high a figure as $75. The Chinese and French are the great rivals in fan making. To such a degree of excellence has it arrived in France, that a fan selling for one cent, goes through twenty different operations, performed by as many pairs of hands.” -The Origins of Fans, 1878

On Fans

Dear Mrs. Adams– 

Please tell me the proper way fans are carried or worn at formal gatherings. –An Interested Reader
Sometimes the fan is worn on a chain, and then again, it is merely carried in the hand.

On Correct Dress 

Dear Mrs. Adams– 
Kindly inform me as to the correct dress, hat, shoes, etc., for a woman who rides horseback. –A Reader 
The most sensible outfit is of rough woolen goods, the skirt divided if you ride astride, saddle-back otherwise, with no superfluous material. The coat should be strictly mannish in cut, that is cut away at the lower edge in rounded lines. The pique or linen stock collar, with a plain pin, is the most suitable style to wear, with a shirtwaist underneath the coat. 

The derby hat for women is now low crowned and has quite a wide straight brim; but if this style is not becoming to you, a plain velour felt or beaver shape is just as good. It can be kept on the head firmly by a broad elastic band and hatpin. Riding gloves should be quite large, and can be either the gauntlet or the regular short type. With this costume a riding crop is necessary, and also boots, either tan or black, patent leather or calfskin. Comfort should be your first consideration, and a neat, modish appearance your second. – San Francisco Call, 1911

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