Thursday, November 1, 2018

Charming Swans and Wendy Ward

A book sold in conjunction at the Montgomery Ward department store’s “Wendy Ward School of Charm,” was full of advice which covered posture, social graces and even dating.- “Most people aren’t their natural selves. Rather, they are an accumulation of habits and affectations picked up through life. Inside, they’re different. Do you want to learn to be the real you instead of a phony?” - The Wendy Ward School of Charm

Wendy Ward’s Program Makes Them Into Swans

Expected to be one of the most popular services of the new Montgomery Wards Fullerton store is the Wendy Ward charm and glamour grooming program, left. One of the aims of the program is to be the teenage girls’ friend with its glamourizing sessions of six-week, 12 hour program in basic good grooming geared especialy for 12 to 19 year old girls. Tuition is $10. 

All classes will be held after school and on Saturdays in the 150 - seat Wendy Ward auditorium. Classes will be conducted by a professional model. The auditorium is also available to local community groups on reservation. Along with this glamour course, Wards plans to expand its fashion department to encompass a new couture collection especially created for the store. – La Habra Star, 1966
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