Saturday, November 10, 2018

Parenting Etiquette Advice

By Edyth Thomas Wallace 

An important factor in teaching children to be non-Interrupting listeners is giving them the opportunity to live with adults who are, themselves, this sort of person.

  • Mother (Interrupting): “Say ‘he’ not ‘him’, Son . . . Don’t talk so fast . . . You said that before ...”
  • Mother: “You told the story of the movie so well, I almost feel as though I had seen the picture, too.”

Both parents and children grow mentally when they continue to learn.

  • Mother: “I don’t see why grown ups ever want to go to school again. When I finished college I was glad enough to put my books away for keeps.” 
  • Mother: “I have decided to lake one of these courses in art. You are growing up so fast, I'll want something to do after you leave.”

Both children and parents are happier when parents recognise and accept Individual differences.

  • Mother: “I don’t see why you always have to be on the go or have a gang here. Why can’t you settle down and read or play happily alone as your brother does?”
  • Mother: “This is Tom, who likes active play with his gang and this is Jim who likes quieter things. They are very different and it’s interesting to have them so.”

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