Wednesday, June 13, 2018

1914 French Mourning Etiquette

French mourning dress for women, teens and children... According to historical fiction author, Evangeline Holland, the elaborate rituals of public mourning were in decline by 1917. This was mainly because WWI had given people too many reasons to mourn. It was also impractical for women to wear mourning clothes and retreat into the full mourning customs of the past, just as they were just beginning to enter the workforce en masse. 

Guide to Mourning is Latest Weekly Paris Publication

PARIS, June 15.—The first number of a weekly publication with the cheerful title of Guide To Mourning, has appeared in Paris. Its editor claims that the paper will appeal to all classes. It will deal with everything relating to funerals and give details as to proper periods of mourning, correct costume and etiquette In the matter of bereavement. Prices of church decoration and other burial rites will be quoted. – Los Angeles Herald, 2014

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