Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Etiquette for the “Sulky”

Mrs. Beeton didn’t include a “sulky” set for the invalid or “lounger” in her recommendations for Breakfast and Tea China, though she did include a “sardine box.” Perhaps she suggested it for another time of day?

A “Sulky” Tea Set

We are indebted to our English cousins for the old designation of a miniature tea service. In England a “sulky” set is an infinitesimal teapot, creamer and sugar bowl, with as tiny an accompanying cup and saucer intended for use, when a sip of tea is required. 
A “sulky” cover is being shown at the woman’s  exchange which is a circle of linen embroidered in some pretty design, that of the service, if possible, the edge finished in scallops. An interlining pad of heavy cotton flannel, bound with ribbon, is lightly tacked to the mat, so that it may be removed for laundering purposes, and the whole is thrown over the service in carrying it through the house to the bedside of the invalid or “sulky” lounger, who may not, or will not, drink tea en tete-a-tete. —Philadelphia Press, 1892

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