Sunday, March 1, 2020

1930’s U.S. Drivers Polite

Volvo admits that its self-driving cars are unable to detect kangaroos because hopping confounds their systems. The company’s “Large Animal Detection system” can identify and avoid deer, elk and caribou, but early testing in Australia shows it cannot adjust to the kangaroo’s unique method of movement. –

WASHINGTON.—BeIieve it or not, American drivers have better motoring manners than some of their foreign colleagues. Commissioner H. H. Newell of New South Wales, Australia, after driving several thousand miles in the United States and Great Britain, remarks, “in no country visited did I find more orderly traffic than that which is to be found in the United States.” He compared rule-of-the-road behavior of the U. S., Great Britain and New South Wales and found that drivers in his own state have the worst record for crossing the center line of the road. –1938

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