Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sneeze Snub is Influenza Etiquette

Avoid worry and turn your back on sneezes — In a time when the world faces another influenza pandemic, and briefly changes the etiquette for greeting others (avoid handshaking by touching elbows and avoid cheek kissing by putting one’s hand over one’s heart), it’s time to take a look at what was taught a hundred years ago. –An image of a Red Cross nurse published in Illustrated Current News, 1918. — Photo source, National Library of Medicine

Cover Coughs and Sneezes đŸ©ș Wash Hands Frequently and Thoroughly đŸ©ș Self Quarantine if Sick đŸ©ș Avoid Handshaking đŸ©ș Forego Cheek Kissing đŸ©ș Work from Home if Possible đŸ©ș Avoid Large CrowdsđŸ©ș Avoid Others Who May be Sick

The following is a summary of the talk given last week by Dr W. W. Crawford on the subject, “Preventive Measures Against Colds and Influenza.” An ordinary so-called cold may be the forerunner of such specific diseases as Measles, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Tuberculosis. The germs of Colds and Influenza leave the body in the secretions of the mouth and nose, and enter the body through the same route. It is health etiquette to turn your back on sneezes. Remember coughing, sneezing and dust spread Influenza, and overcrowding helps these along. 

Remember, the close relationship between the nose and throat with the ears and sinuses. Therefore, see to it that your nose and throat are kept clean. Keep away from a house when the lady is sweeping with a broom or buy her a vacuum cleaner. Immunity may be artificial or natural. Keep your natural immunity up to the highest possible point by leading clean, wholesome lives. A great deal to do in keeping well is in your hands. Remember, doctors are only human and cannot do the impossible.— From an article in the San Diego Union, 1920

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