Thursday, March 21, 2019

Curtsey Lessons for Queen Times 5

Practicing their curtsies, per chance? The Dionne quintuplets were the most celebrated siblings of their day and were famous around the world. Postcards, dolls, silver spoons and more, all carried the images of the fab five girls; Yvonne, Marie, Emilie, Annette and Cecile.
         The Quints Meet the Queen 

Sturdy stock, these Dionnes! With Washington society already a little breathless over the oncoming visit of the King and Queen of England, up in Callander, Ont., the Dionne quintuplets are taking it all in their stride. These celebrated sisters are also going to have a visit with England’s top royalty. This week they’ve gone into training for the event, learning to recite the proper salutation and to curtsey without falling backwards or tumbling head-on at Their Majestie’s feet. But this week, and for years, that meeting will be just one more event in their busy lives. Today, a bit of drilling on the niceties of court etiquette. Next Monday, a “how-do-you-do” to the King and Queen in person. Week after that, a birthday party when the sprightly five of a kind celebrate their fifth birthday. 

Next comes June, and with it the tourist parade sweeping into Callander and up to the Dionne play-yard. But come tourists, photographers, cameramen, writers or royalty, it’s all one to the quintuplets. Keeping their balance and, on the word of Dr. Dafoe, remaining normal, healthy youngsters. Yet it must be admitted these Dionnes do have an edge. These five smart girls have already amassed a tidy fortune well past the half million mark. By the time their eighth birthday comes round, it’s expected to be close to a full million dollars. With riches and fame in their own right, Canada’s five little queens needn’t worry too much about that curtsey. They’re going to get along! – Coronado Eagle and Journal, 1939

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