Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Manners Influence Success

One’s EQ, (“Etiquette Quotient” or “Emotional Quotient”) has a tremendous influence on one’s success. Manners and disposition, including courtesy toward others, tact, self control, consistent temperament and adherence to customs, were also cited as factors that influenced success.    

Speaker Discussed the Importance of Personality and Soft Skills Needed for Employment and Advancement, in 1956

F. N. Laird, a specialist in human relations, talked before high school students in Orange County yesterday. Laird emphasized that good personal qualities are of utmost importance to employers. Of some 5000 who had recently lost job opportunities, he said, a large percentage failed because of “good personal qualities” such as dependability, cooperativeness, friendliness. 

At Yale University, a group of engineers indicated that salary was definitely affected by personal qualities, as well IQ and training. In fact, the percentage with the best personal qualities made an average of *$2,200.00 more annually than the percentage with poor personal qualities, although both groups had equal training, Laird said. 

Among the qualities that the average person is judged on, some are physical and others of a “spiritual” nature, he stated. Physical qualities include health, neatness, poise, carriage, and dress; dual qualities include such character traits as dependability, sincerity, courage, consideration, mutuality. 

Other spiritual traits he named as those influencing others, were “dynamic force,” magnetism, enthusiasm, power of expression, animation and social grace. Manners and disposition, including courtesy toward others, tact, self-control, consistent tempermenent and adherance to customs, were also cited as factors influencing success. – April, 1956

*The average salary in the U.S. in 1957 was only $3,700.00 per year.

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