Thursday, March 21, 2019

British Royal Birthday Etiquette

Ruler of Great Britain, King Edward VII, Attains Age of 68 and is Overwhelmed by Tenents and Employes With Tokens of Their Loyalty and Good Will

This being the 68th anniversary of the birth of King Edward, President Taft today sent him the following congratulatory telegram; “I warmly congratulate your Majesty on your happy completion of another year, and wish for you all health and happiness in long years to come.” 

London, Nov. 9—King Edward VII, is celebrating his 68 birthday privately at his residence at Sandringham, Norfolk, today. His birthday was officially celebrated on Coronation Day last June. The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, which consider themselves part of the Royal domain, have closed their schools in honor of the event, salutes are being fired at garrison towns all over the empire, flags are flying everywhere and thousands of congratulatory telegrams from prominent men and women throughout the world have been delivered at Sandringham, where the King will remain today surrounded by his family and a few friends. Court etiquette forbids the presentation of gifts except from members of the Royal family, but tenants and employees of the King’s own estate are allowed to make kindly little offerings, and with these, Edward is fairly overwhelmed today. – Press Democrat, 1909

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