Saturday, June 13, 2020

New Etiquette for Brides of 1958

This pickle fork bears the name Ursula Edson, giving this Victorian fork character

Monograms can dress up plain flatware patterns with simple, yet elegant lettering in numerous styles. Or, one can have a birth or other special occasion memorialized along with monogrammed initials or complete names.Antique monogrammed silver has a charm that many newer items do not.

Monograms — Years ago, etiquette demanded that the bride-to-be should have all her linen - and silver marked with her maiden initials only. Nowadays, it is more usual, and less confusing, to use her future initials —those of her first name, maiden name and husband’s surname.

Widow’s Marriage — When a widow marries she does not wear a bridal veil or orange blossom wreath. She does not have bridesmaids, but she may have a maid or matron of honor. The customary procedure dictates that a widow write personal notes of invitation to her wedding. — San Bernardino Sun Telegram, 1958

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