Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Etiquette for Getting Into a Car

The Montgomery Ward department stores offered the Wendy Ward Charm School for teenaged girls, in the 1960s and 1970s. Once a week, American girls would meet in a room at the department store and learn to how to walk and sit gracefully, good posture, etiquette, how to dress and personal grooming. A lot of the advice is still applicable today.

 Entering A Car Gracefully

1. After the door is opened, pivot smoothly and lower yourself (back straight, please) to the very edge of the car seat. It's a long stretch from the edge of the seat to the outside of the car.

2.  Place one hand high on the back of the seat and the other on the front edge of the seat.

3. Keep your knees together, lift your legs and swing them into the car, knees leading and feet lifted so you don't bump into the dashboard or door-frame. This will take a little extra exertion, using the muscles in your thighs, but it will be more than worth it, because your skirt will stay in place, and you look like a graceful lady always in command.

4. Place your hands flat on the seat, and lift your body up, and back. Don't wiggle it over into the seat. You then should be comfortably seated with no fuss or embarrassment. It even works in a small sports car.

Getting Out of a Car

Getting out of a car is just the reverse of getting in.

1. Place your hands on the seat and lift your body as close to the door as possible.

2. When a fellow opens the door for you, swing your legs out, just as you did getting in. And there you are. — "Wendy Ward Charm Book," 1972

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