Friday, June 10, 2016

Etiquette and Attributes of Charm ~ Part 1

According to the Wendy Ward Charm Book, you can hardly be charming and beautiful, if you can't see and feel beauty; if you don't know and love it.

Here are some of the attributes you should acquire if you do not already have them...


Cultivate poise. The poised girl maintains calm when she has a difficult situation to handle. She goes about it naturally and easily and avoids nervous movements of the body.

Spirit of Adventure

Since you can always pack your bags and sail to faraway islands, begin to develop the spirit of adventure, by trying new ideas, new thoughts, a new method of study, a new way of wearing your hair or even a new food!

Sense of Humor

A girl may have many good qualities and still lack charm. Often, the missing quality is a sense of humor. You'll find the person you enjoy being with most is the one who finds the things you say witty. More important, the one who enjoys being with you is also someone who's wit you appreciate. Nothing pleases a boy more than discover he can make you laugh. You only have to develop a sense of humor if you lack one. Look for the things in life worth laughing about. 

You'll get extra points for telling a funny story about yourself. Remember, however, to laugh with people, and not at them.

Appreciation of Beauty

You can hardly be charming and beautiful if you can't see and feel beauty; and if you don't know and love it. If you haven't thought about it, try starting now, to appreciate the beautiful. There is beauty all around — in the shape of a leaf, the changing sky, the smell of spring, or the laughter of a friend.

Being Interesting 

You should be interesting to others. That means you must be able to contribute to conversations -— at a party, in groups large or small, even on a one-to-one basis. Learn a new party game especially well, one that doesn't require props, so you'll always be ready to suggest and direct it. Find out what you really like. Learn to talk about interests such as music, books, movies or sports. — From 1972, Wendy Ward Charm Book 

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