Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Millionaire's Etiquette Breach

After his breach of court etiquette, Vanderbilt went on to fight in WWI and was highly decorated for his efforts. After the war, he and his wife frequently returned to Europe, becoming friends and guests of numerous members of European royalty including former Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and his brother, Prince Henry of Prussia, King Albert I of Belgium, Crown Prince Olav of Norway, Queen Marie of Romania, Reza Pahlavi of Iran, and the British monarchy.

Vanderbilt in Court —Had to Uncross His Legs
Millionaire Reprimanded for Etiquette Breach 

New York, April 1 —Cornelius Vanderbilt was in Justice Goff's court yesterday, waiting to be called as a witness in the case of his banker friend, James F.D. Lanier who was, sued for running down a girl while in his auto with Vanderbilt. 

The latter, unmindful of William M. Brady's recent experience, crossed his legs. Justice Goff, who is a stickler for court etiquette, promptly ordered him to uncross them. Vanderbilt complied as gracefully as possible. — San Francisco Call, 1911

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