Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Etiquette and Appropriate Attire

Will I be able to relax and behave with confidence, knowing that I've made a good selection?

Taste — Good, Bad and Indifferent

You've heard the term many times. As applied to fashion it means knowing and wearing those things that are right for the right occasion. What may be in good taste for the beach is probably not so for a shopping trip. What may look right on Sallie Mae not on you, and vice versa. How can you know that an outfit is or isn't in good taste for a certain occasion? Ask yourself:
  • Will I feel comfortable physically, and psychologically, wearing this outfit on this occasion?
  • Will I be able to relax and behave with confidence, knowing that I've made a good selection?
  • Do I feel gaudy, overdressed or underdressed?
  • Do I tug at my attire, or do I forget about it and enjoy myself? 
If you can answer yes to the first two questions and know to the last two, your outfit is probably in good taste.

Some Fashion Guidelines

  • Keep current — you don't have to be fad happy. Just know what's going on out there in the fashion world. It's the only way you can pick and choose what's right for you.
  • Know your strong points and emphasize them. Do you have a long Grecian neck, a wasp waist or shapely gams? Make the most of them! 
  • Recognize your weak points, as well. Learn how to disguise them artfully with the illusion of color, fashion shaping and make up.
  • Like and care for your clothes. Make good use of your trusty needle before that button falls off or that tiny tear becomes a major repair. Get to know your friendly neighborhood cleaning establishment and your "village cobbler." You'll look well groomed and you'll be surprised how your wardrobe has grown after the torn and soiled prodigals have been returned to the flock. — Wendy Ward Charm Book, 1972

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