Friday, June 24, 2016

Royal Court Etiquette for Sport

The Queen of Siam rode a bicycle. As an avid wheelwoman, her ladies of honor, (the ladies of her Royal Court), were expected to enthusiastically follow her lead.

The Queen of Siam is an enthusiastic wheelwoman, and as Siam Royal Court etiquette requires her to be accompanied by a large retinue of women, the ladies of honor have been obliged to become as proficient as their royal mistress. 

The cycling infection has spread through the Orient with great rapidity recently, and just as was the case with their Western sisters, the wheel is the advance agent of good health and a greater measure of personal liberty. Mohammedan women in the East wear trousers, so that the divided skirt has been on the ground many years ahead of the bicycle. — Sacramento Daily Union, 1907

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