Thursday, June 23, 2016

Versailles Court Etiquette in Africa?

In 2012, the Barotseland royal household in western Zambia demanded independence, accusing the government of ignoring a 1964 treaty. In 1902, Barotseland's King Lewanika visited London for the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, where he was treated with much respect, and had an audience with King Edward, and an informal meeting with the Prince of Wales. When asked what he would discuss with the British sovereign, he said "When we kings meet, we always have plenty to talk about".

A Gorgeous King: Lewanika, the King of Barotseland, is held in great fear and respect by bis people. His court has as much etiquette and ceremonial as that of Louis XIV. His band of musicians make both day and night hideous with their performances. The music is done to drive away evil spirits.

Lewanika himself is an imposing spectacle. The King wears a long blue dressing gown trimmed with red, braid trousers and shirt. and on his head, a scarlet nightcap, and above it a black terrai hat.
 — Sausalito News, 1898

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