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Etiquette and Religious Principles

The Dutch journalist, statesman and Neo-Calvinist theologian, Abraham Kuyper, raised modest and religious daughters. They were not slaves to fashion, and asked that Dutch Court dress etiquette be relaxed. They were offered tea instead.

Low-Necked Dresses Cause a Court Row

Daughters of the Dutch Premier Decline to Observe Rules at The Hague

LONDON. March 22. — Court etiquette and religious scruples have had an amusing tussle at The Hague. The trouble arose when the daughters of Dr. Kuyper, the Premier, were invited to the first court ball of the season. Low-necked dresses were commanded, but the Misses Kuyper decided that decollete dresses were inconsistent with their religious principles. 

They applied for a dispensation, but received a curt reply from the mistress of the ceremonies, who declared that time-honored customs of the Dutch Court must be adhered to. Premier Kuyper made direct representations on the subject to Queen Wilhelmina, with the result that a compromise was arranged. 

The Misses Kuyper will stay away from the ball, but will take tea with their sovereign in high-necked dresses the same afternoon. — San Francisco Call, 1902

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