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Royal Portuguese Etiquette

The wife of Carlos I of Portugal, Princess Amélie of Orléans was the last Queen consort of Portugal. She was known to the Portuguese subjects as, “Maria Amélia de Orleães”

Royal Women in Spain

The beautiful Queen Amelia of Portugal, who has been called to Seville by the serious illness of her grandmother, the Duchess of Montpensier, appears to have turned the Spaniards’ heads. Whenever the Queen appears in the streets, she is followed by a big crowd of men who utter the most extravagant remarks reflecting her beauty and grace. Twice upon each day, it is stated, Andalusian gallants throw their rich cloaks upon the muddy ground to save the royal shoes from being soiled, in studied or unconscious imitation of Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth. 

That the royal beauty thoroughly enjoys her daily triumph is beyond doubt. She walks about the streets attended by only one lady of her suite, which in itself is a most unusual violation of the rigid etiquette of Spanish and Portuguese courts, and she bows and smiles in acknowledgment of the most fantastic compliments, whether uttered by peer or peasant, for the daily crowds compose men in all ranks of life. It is explained that the homage paid to Queen Amelia is merely characteristic of Andalusia and has nothing offensive about it. The explanation can scarcely be satisfactory to the Queen Regent Christina, who, although a most exemplary woman, has not yet succeeded in kindling one spark of enthusiasm among the Spaniards.—Boston Transcript, 1893

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