Saturday, September 7, 2019

Etiquette of Royal Sealing Wax

An array of truly elegant colors of modern day sealing wax ~ “Paris stationers are selling boxes of colored sealing wax with instructions in the etiquette of the use of all of the different shades. Black is for mourning, White for marriage invitations or announcements, Violet for condolence, Chocolate for dinner invitations...” From Etiquipedia’s article on French sealing wax etiquette, of 1910 
Photo source, Wax Seals. com

A Royal Colour Code

In the days when all correspondence was sealed, there was etiquette about the use of sealing wax. Royalty would give some favorite courtier the sole right to use a certain colored wax, and officers of the state would each have distinguished colors. It’s in much the same way U.S. staff officers of the army wear colored “tabs” nowadays. – San Luis Obispo Tribune, 1922

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