Monday, May 28, 2018

Royal Etiquette for Diana

Diana of Wales took to the dance floor with actor John Travolta, in the White House during a 1980’s visit to the U.S. – Born and bred as “Lady Diana,” she was well versed in the finer ponts of etiquette and briefly attended a Swiss finishing school. However, learning etiquette for a royal life, would naturally take some time. It is said that someone will be working with the new Duchess of Sussex,who only last week married the late Diana’s son, Prince Harry, over a six month period to help her learn the royal ropes.

Lady Diana Briefed on Etiquette 


Lady Diana Spencer, who will marry Prince Charles after her 20th birthday this summer, got her first lesson in royal etiquette Wednesday over breakfast with Queen Mother Elizabeth, the Prince's grandmother. Lady Diana moved into Clarence House, the official London residence of the 80-year-old queen mother, after Buckingham Palace announced the royal wedding plans Tuesday.

The Queen Mother, one of Britain's most popular royal figures, went through the adjustment of palace life 58 years ago, when as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, she married the Prince who became King George VI. A wedding date has not been announced, but the couple said Tuesday, it will probably be in late July. Lady Diana's birthday is July 1st. – San Bernardino Sun, 1981

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