Sunday, April 3, 2016

Girl Writes Jitney Etiquette Code

Miss Spencer says that she bases her “Jitney Etiquette” rules on common sense and a few of her own experiences. 


To young girls who patronize the jitney buses, Miss Marvel Spencer, a pretty, young Los Angeles girl, has outlined a list of "don’ts," which she terms “Jitney Etiquette.” Miss Spencer says that she bases the rules on common sense and a few of her own experiences. 

A girl must never start a conversation with the driver of the machine, says Miss Spencer, for the reason that it is not proper and serves to distract the driver’s attention from the wheel. She goes farther and prohibits any conversation with men passengers. 

She warns young girls against crowding into a seat with men, and in a crowded car, sitting on the door. “Young girls may not know what they are doing when they violate my 'Jitney Etiquette’" said Miss Spencer today. "I have ridden many times in jitneys and know whereof I speak.

Here is a list of “Don'ts" for girls, who ride in jitney buses, suggested by Miss Spencer: 
  • Don't talk to the driver. 
  • Don’t crowd into a seat beside men. 
  • Don’t sit on the door. 
  • Don’t converse with men passengers. 
  • Don't sit on anyone’s lap.
Miss Marvel Spencer who says she bases her five “Don’ts” on common sense and some personal experience. — Los Angeles Herald, 1915

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