Sunday, April 3, 2016

Jitney Etiquette Humor

Etiquette needs to be followed! —Should passengers rob their jitney driver? Should jitney drivers rob their passengers? 

Jitney Etiquette —Simple Rules for Beginners

EXPERTS on etiquette are being appealed to these days to give the rules for riding in jitney buses. Should the lady or gentleman passenger alight first? Should a married jitney driver permit unmarried and handsome young women to ride in the front seat with him ? Should passengers rob their jitney driver? Should jitney drivers rob their passengers?

Jitney ethics is quite a new branch of the subject of conduct, yet we see its rules violated every day. From police court to divorce court, jitney morals and jitney etiquette are being put to the test, and even the state legislature is dropping the idea of a tax on bachelors in favor of a tax on jitney drivers. Since the jitney operator only pays four or five taxes and licenses already, it is held better to put an added expense on him than on the bachelor, who seldom pays any kind of a tax and so isn’t used to the experience.

But to our many correspondents we give these admonitions:

  • In alighting from a jitney, the gentleman should step out first, if he can do so without crushing the toes of the lady. 
  • The superior court has decided that a jitney driver with a jealous wife should either force his lady passengers to ride on the back seat or be prepared to pay alimony. 
  • In the matter of highway robbery, of or by jitney passengers, we think that anyone who would perpetrate such a crime is actuated more by wanton hope than by common sense.— Los Angeles Herald, 1915

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