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Etiquette and a Future Empress

Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, "Vicky" was the eldest child of Britain's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert — Through marriage she became Empress Consort in Germany and Queen of Prussia, late 19th century.

That the Veil That Hides the Future Is God’s Kindest Gift

Clara Morris Says... I think most of us will confess to a sort of half-laughing desire to peep into the future, to question the stars. By palmistry, crystal-gazing, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, cards, tea leaves, melted lead, we seek to drag aside the veil, impalpable as woven mist, yet impenetrable to human eyes. Even Victoria's Prince Consort wished his daughter could see the future, but Heaven spared her that!

It was two days before the marriage at St. James Palace, January 1858, of Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain, and Frederick, Crown Prince of Prussia. The restless, imperious 18-year-old bride-elect, with nerves worn to shreds by an endless day of rigid formalities, had begged just a moment in the air before dressing for dinner. 

So with dress skirt looped high over gay, Balmoral tasseled boots, netted hair and turban hat, she no sooner reached the quiet terrace than through the foggy twilight two figures sprang to meet her. The tall, soldierly one was “Unser Fritz,” her fiance. The slighter, shorter, fair-haired one was “Bertie”—Prince of Wales, her best loved brother and her chum. 

Brother and sister caught hands and whirled around and about, like a pair of joy-mad mates in the sunlight. Suddenly a cat—not a royal tabby, just an ordinary cat—raced across the terrace and into the fog-blurred shrubbery. "View halloo—gone away!” shouted “Bertie.” and joining in the fun “Fritz” became "the pack” and gave tongue gloriously, at which the scapegraces seized him by either hand and, etiquette forgotten. The future German Emperor and Empress and the King of Great Britain and Emperor of India, etc., went romping “across country” following the cat-fox. Something loomed dimly before them and—bang!—head-on the whole irreverent pack dashed full into —Papa, the Prince Consort and etiquette personified. 

Guilty heads hung low while that good man, so straitlaced he bent backward, regained his breath. And then those riotous young royalties got a lecture on deportment. “Vicky,” in particular, was urged to “a dignity as strict as was consistent with courtesy.” “Oh.” he cried. “I wish you could see the future, my child!" 

And could she have looked forward to see her son, her firstborn, attacking her native land—crowned, yes, but in full panoply of war; her brother’s heir, in his grave, his second son. crowned, but also armed against his cousin and foe; their armies at death grips and their own hearts black with hate and fear of each other! A sight to blast young love, young hope; to make life unlivable! Oh! Thrice blessed be the impenetrability of the veil that hides from us the future! — Los Angeles Herald, 1915

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