Friday, April 15, 2016

1912 Office Etiquette Advice

"Be Courteous and Considerate" 


Advice to Women,
 by Stage Actress, Rose Curry

"Forget to be fascinating when you go into an office. This," says Rose Curry, "Is the keynote to success for business women. The etiquette of the office is clearly drawn and it is quite different from the etiquette of society, although its restrictions are along somewhat different lines."

"Girls who would succeed and would keep the respect of others, as well as maintaining their own personal pride, should lay aside those little airs and fetching ways that are so becoming in the drawing room or parlour. 

Do not remind men with whom you come in contact that you are a woman. But do not go to the other extreme. Be courteous and considerate, but do nothing that will appear to be a bid for homage from your male associates in the office. 

What about office flirtations? "Well, I wasn’t in an office very long, but I think that all employers know by the manner of the girl, whether she is there for work or frivolities, and the serious minded, earnest girl who desires to support herself in a dignified businesslike manner, may do so without thought of interruption.” — Los Angeles Angeles Herald, 1912

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