Monday, December 7, 2015

Etiquette and Society Sheep

More popular than the pug, the pampered embryo sovereigns of Ohio tariff ideas, gambol according to Fifth Avenue etiquette.  

Lambs in Society —

They Have Become Creatures of Luxury and Are Forcing Out the Pug Dog! 

The lamb has become a feature of New York society. Not that sort which frequents the misnamed club. Not the variety whose fleece is invitingly extended near the stage doors of theaters for harmless little girls with the downcast eyes to pluck. This is the real lamb, whose name has been forever linked with that of Mary by the pastoral poet, says the New York Journal.

If you come to take an early morning constitutional on Fifth Avenue any pleasant day, proof of the lamb craze can be seen. White as snow, with collars adorned with tinkling bells, led by silver chains, generally in the hands of pretty French maids, the pampered embryo sovereigns of Ohio tariff ideas, gambol according to Fifth Avenue etiquette. 

In one of Fifth Avenue's aristocratic apartment-houses is a lamb that has a maid all to itself. No pugdog was ever reared in greater luxury. The mysteries of its toilet are numerous. Nothing, in the estimation of its mistress, is too good or expensive for this lamb. The brush and comb used in the daily toilet are silver-mounted, and when the lamb takes its meals they are served in sterling silver bowls. 

The daily menu consists of milk and a preparation of cooked Indian meal, sometimes varied by oatmeal. At night the lamb sleeps in a basket lined with silk and cotton, at the foot of its mistress' bed. The mistress claims that her pet is much more intelligent than any dog, and far preferable to a cat as a pet. If this modern Bopeep should suffer the loss of her protege the whole police force of New York would be asked to rally to the rescue.— San Francisco Call, 1896

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