Thursday, December 10, 2015

A British "King of Etiquette"

"I have a certificate from Lord Desboroughin in appreciation of 'services rendered' at the 'White City,' Shepherd's Bush. I acted in the capacity of megaphone man at the Stadium during the Olympic Games, and I believe I was the first man ever professionally employed as a megaphonist."— W. Knightsmith of Hammersmith

King of Etiquette Prescribes Habits Of British Royalty

LONDON (by Mail to United Press) —lf you want to know which knife to eat your peas with or how to eat melon without wetting your ears, consult W. Knightsmith of Hammersmith. Knightsmith looks after London’s manners. He’s the master of ceremonies de luxe, the royal toastmaster, and his knowledge of little points of etiquette is a marvel to mankind. Even kings have come under his disciplinary rules. 

His mission in life is to guard the unwritten laws of ceremonial at functions where great men gather. With his wand of office and scarlet coat he has preceded along the purple carpet of monarchial routes no fewer than six kings, and he has done duty as toastmaster in the presence of more princes and peers than most people knew there were in the world.—London, 1920

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