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Etiquette for Schoolchildren, 1916

Lay Down Rules of Etiquette for School Children
  • Giggling and Talking in Loud Tones on Street Cars Under Ban 
  • Girls Can't Wear Jewelry 
  • Move on Foot to Better Manners of Students and Raise Standard

Here are the things which Los Angeles school children may not do in the future, according to an etiquette campaign launched today by the P.T.A.:  
  • Giggle on the street cars. 
  • Talk in loud tones on cars.
  • Sit when elder people are standing on cars. 
  • Use slang. 
  • Wear silk stockings. 
  • Wear jewelry or trinkets.  

Los Angeles public school children are to have better manners and a higher standard of etiquette in the future. To accomplish this both the children and their parents are to be educated in courtesy and manners in the homes. 

This was the edict of mothers who belong to the council of presidents of the Parent-Teacher Federation, which held its first meeting of the yeaf today at Symphony Hall. The subject of juvenile etiquette was brought up at a round table held under the direction of Mrs. E. H. Noe.  

According to the consensus of opinion expressed at the round table, little school girls giggle and talk too loudly on street cars. Both little girls and boys are too apt to remain seated in the cars when older people are standing. These things are to be campaigned against by the mothers. 

A great effort will be made by the 8000 mothers of the P.T.A to stop the use of slang on the part of their children and it is here that father will get his education, according to the mothers. For henceforth, father may not say “darn" if he whacks his thumb with a hammer, because it will give the son of the house a bad example.  

Old fashioned courtesy toward parents and elders will be introduced into Los Angeles homes, according to the P.T.A. plan. Parents will campaign to teach their children courtesy in small maters, such as standing until their parents are seated, and maintaining a polite manner toward each other.  

The question of dress for high school girls was taken up today with the result that mothers will wage war against silk stockings, jewelry and trinkets, and cosmetics. “We want to reach the etiquette and manners of children in school and public through the homes,” Mrs. Noe said today at the round table. "It is the fault of the parents that children of today are noisy, slangy and lax in courtesy.  

But from now on the 8000 mothers of this organization must launch a campaign for their own and other people's children in all these directions.” Dr. Albert Shiels, superintendent of schools, and Mrs. Susan Dorsey, deputy superintendent, addressed the council of presidents.— Los Angeles Herald, 1916

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