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Spotlight on Candace Smith


As Etiquipedia’s most prolific contributor, Candace Smith is so valued by us for her contributions to this site, we are delighted to focus on her for our Contributor Spotlight during the month of August.
Contributor, Candace Smith is a retired, national award-winning secondary school educator, who for the last dozen years has been teaching university students and professionals the soft skills of etiquette and protocol. She found these skills necessary in her own life after her husband received international recognition in 2002. Plunged into a new “normal” of travel and formal social gatherings with global leaders, Candace discovered how uncomfortable she was in many important social situations and she sought out lessons in etiquette to help her smoothly fit in with everyone – from world leaders to struggling university students.


What was the impetus for starting her Etiquette business?
A life-changing event was the impetus for Candace Smith’s interest in teaching and writing about etiquette. When her husband was awarded a Nobel prize in 2002, Candace found herself traveling the world with him and dining at some very formal social gatherings. In the years that followed, she said that she gradually became aware of how uncomfortable she was in many of these social situations.  

Awakening to a long-felt desire to know appropriate social graces that would put her at ease and help her feel ≥confident in social situations, Candace decided to attend etiquette and protocol certification classes, and these kicked off a deep immersion into the study of the importance of etiquette and its practical application to many of the problems of life. 

By 2012, after her first classes in etiquette and protocol course work, Candace and her husband attended a formal event in Scotland. The experience was like night and day from the others, she says. She noted a markedly increased comfort level in dining and socializing skills and she truly enjoyed the occasion. It was her confirmation that a knowledge and training in social skills do matter. She realized then and there that she had a desire to help others gain the confidence and poise so vital to feeling comfortable in not only social, but professional, settings. 

Published weekly, her Etiquette Blog now features over 475 etiquette articles. They are filled with straightforward considerations and solutions aimed to address social and workplace challenges of not only daily, but professional life. We are thrilled and thankful that she allows Etiquipedia to repost so many of them.
Below are links to a small amount of Candace Smith’s popular articles on etiquette which you’ll find on Etiquipedia:

What do you enjoy teaching the most regarding Etiquette?

What is often thrilling is that participants in my hands-on seminars report being very pleased that their comfort and confidence levels have increased in such a short time. Fears are reduced through their new knowledge. I enjoy thinking of my projects and services as public goods.

What do you find rewarding about teaching Etiquette?

am always learning, too. Questions posed to me, or that come to mind and the need to research them, lead me on to new appreciations. The concept of civility, which interrelates with etiquette and fine manners has grown in mind and practice. It is through my engagement with others that spur ideas for my blog articles. I am writing a book, “Etiquette in the Business of Life Day by Day,” that I hope will offer inspiration each day by engaging readers in civility appreciation through practicing etiquette a little each day. 

What age group do you enjoy working with most? And why?
I enjoy adult groups as they aren’t forced into taking the class or in need of being persuaded.

Who are some of the older etiquette authors or authorities you enjoy reading?
Letitia Baldrige, Judith Martin, Amy Vanderbilt, – Candace’s favorite quote of Amy’s is, “I am a journalist in the field of etiquette.” And Emily Post.

If you would like to reach Candace, you can get in touch with her at her website, Candace Smith Etiquette

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