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Solutions to Social Problems, 1910

Love knows no age, the saying goes, and I have known happy marriages when there has been a difference in ages. 

Not Able to Decide

Dear Mrs. Adams: I seek your advice in regard to an affair that has been running along or nearly two years. I am 24 and in love with a woman six years my senior. She cares for me, but insists that she does not want to spoll my life by consenting to marriage. I am equally positive that we would be perfectly happy together, despite the difference in our ages. After much warm discussion, I agreed to let you decide the matter. Will you please weigh it carefully, as your decision will be final? –

How can you expect a person who knows nothing about your lives to decide this all-important question? You have given me but one reason why there should be any objection to the marriage, whereas there may be a hundred reasons upon which to base your decision. After more serious thought you will be sure to take the right step. Love knows no age, the saying goes, and I have known happy marriages when there has been a difference in ages. But, again, there may be a great change in your ideals as you grow older, and unhappiness might result. I cannot decide for you.

Not Sisters-in-Law

Dear Mrs. Adams: “A” says my brother’s wife’s sisters are our sisters-in-law.  “
B” says they are not. Which is right? – Cantalope

B is correct.

Never Offers to Carry Parcels

Dear Mrs. Adams: Should a young man carry a woman's parcels when he is taking her home? I have been going with a young man for a year, and always meet him Saturday evening when I have finished shopping, but he has never asked to carry my parcels.– Inquirer

A young man should offer to carry a woman's parcels when he is escorting her home. It would not be fair, however, to make a habit of burdening him with packages every time he is with you.

After a Reception

Dear Mrs. Adams: I was invited to a reception some time ago; kindly tell me whose place it is to pay the party call, and how soon it must be paid?– Brown Eyes

If the reception was a small and informal one no “party call” is necessary. After a large reception one may call within two or three weeks after the entertainment. — San Francisco Call, 1910

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