Friday, September 3, 2021

Royal Etiquette Maintained in Wartime

A seemingly unflappable diplomat, the war didn’t stop him from expecting the strictest diplomatic etiquette be observed, even if the country had been invaded.
– Public domain image of Baron Cartier de Marchienne

King George Felicitates Leopold on His Birthday
LONDON, Νον. 3 – King George sent congratulations and best wishes today to King Leopold of Belgium on his forty-first birthday. The strictest diplomatic etiquette was observed. Baron Cartier de Marchienne, the Belgian Ambassador, received a visit from Sir John Monck, Vice Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, who conveyed the messages in the style observed for years. There may be something irregular about handing on the greetings to King Leopold. He is living in his own land under the watchful eye of the Germans. – Wireless to The New York Times, 1942

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