Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Gentleman's Etiquette Views

Frederick Townsend Martin was a New York City writer and advocate for the poor, circa 1900
Frederick Townsend Martin on Etiquette

TALKING —  “Thoughtlessness makes the boy forget the cigarette between his lips when speaking to a woman.” “The laxity of manners displayed when greeting acquaintances is greatly to be deplored.” “Good manners take time, and many people feel that they haven't the time to spare.” “There is a sort of epidemic of bad manners among the same class all over the world.” 

MEETING —  "Perhaps it is the prevailing hurry in which we all live that makes men tip their hats instead of lifting them.” “Hurry and thoughtlessness are the cause of most breaches of etiquette which make up the sum of our bad manners.” “Men no longer salute women except in a casual sort of way, as if it were too much of an effort.” “Few women know how to bow gracefully, yet formally. They give a curt little nod.”

WALKING —  “It is seldom nowadays that you see a couple walking together correctly.” “Generally the young man is holding on to one of his companion’s elbows, or one is striding ahead of the other,” “There are, however, always a few who belong to the ‘old school’ no matter what the fashion is.”

ALIGHTING —  “In a desire to hasten her steps the escort yanks his companion off the car, greatly to her discomfort.” “At the club I frequently hear the older men complaining of the lack of manners of the younger generation.” "It seems to be the fashion to have bad manners just now, just as at other periods it was the thing to have the most perfect and exquisite manners possible.” — Los Angeles Herald, 1912

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