Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Etiquette Denies Royalty Pleasures

"Born to the purple" refers to one being born into a reigning, or royal family. It can also refer to being born into a privileged class of society. It does not however, refer to one's automatic nor guaranteed happiness.
Debarred from Childish Pleasures

One "born to the purple" hardly gets a glimpse of those hearty and simple pleasures that so add to the happiness of childhood. Here is little Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, not yet in her teens, but as subject to the iron rules of etiquette, as a slave is to his master. 

Most of her waking hours are spent in study. Her only playmates are pigeons and dolls. Much as she desires it, she is not allowed to associate familiarly with other girls because they are not her equals. She can speak French, but she doesn't know how to play tag or make a mud pie. — Los Angeles Herald, 1891

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