Saturday, February 6, 2016

Etiquette Dilemma's Instant Princess

American born, Anita Rhinelander Stewart, married Dom Miguel of Braganza, Infante of Portugal, Duke of Viseu, in Dingwall Castle, Scotland, on September 15, 1909. Stewart was given the regal title, "Princess of Braganza," by the Emperor of Austria just the day before the wedding. Dom Miguel, Duke of Viseu, died in 1923. The Princess then moved to New York City. But in order to regain her American citizenship, she had to renounce her royal title, however, she was still referred to as "Princess" by society.

American Created Princess

VIENNA — The emperor has created Miss Anita Stewart a princess in her own right, thus removing any difficulty of etiquette which might have been raised at the exclusive Austrian court following her marriage. 

Prince Miguel has just been here to visit the emperor and to thank him for the honor conferred on his bride-to-be. He has now returned to Scotland with nearly forty guests. –Los Angeles Herald, 1909

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