Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Retro 1950s Etiquette Points

Do it this way.... Not the other!
Points for Parents and Retro "Modern Etiquette" from 1952
From Edyth Thomas Wallace 
and Roberta Lee

A small child's rudeness may be due to his ignorance of a more acceptable way of expressing himself.
Mother: "I'll slap your mouth every time you say such things as ‘shut up' to me. You are a bad boy to talk that way to your mother.” 
Mother:  "Instead of saying, ‘shut up, I’m talking,’ the polite thing to say is,‘Please don't interrupt me,' Now you say it the nice way."
Q.  Is it proper for women to shake hands with each other when being introduced? 
A. Women may, or may not, shake hands with each other, as they prefer, unless the one who is about to offer her hand is certain that it will be agreeable, she will do well not to be too hasty about making this advance. 

Q. If individual salt and pepper shakers are not used on the dinner table, how many should be provided? 
A. Salt and pepper shaker should be placed between every two covers. 

Q. When a girl is introducing the man she is to marry, should she speak of him as her fiancé?
A. Yes.

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