Saturday, January 23, 2016

Japanese Etiquette News

 Pasadena's Gurinalda Hotel, ca. 1907 — "Pasadena’s Japantown was established in the early 1900’s... While some Japanese immigrants became more conversant in English, they often branched into related businesses, such as wholesale and retail produce, grocery stores, nurseries, and gardening. Also, many found work in domestic services as houseboys, laundry service, cafes, and boarding houses." From

Japanese Immigrant Starts Daily Paper to Instruct in Etiquette, Morals and Customs

Pasadena, CA. 1910 —A Japanese daily paper of four pages has been started in this city by Maurice Tanahi, an employee of Hotel Gurinalda and former student of the Congregational Japanese mission on South Marengo Avenue. 

Editor Tanahi is 20 years of age and has been in this country four years. He says he will endeavor to instruct his people in American etiquette, morals and customs. He declares that to win success the Japanese must lay aside Oriental customs. He says he will confine his editorials largely to educational development. — Los Angeles Herald, 1910

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