Friday, January 15, 2016

Continental Etiquette vs American

German infantrymen in China, part of Europe's "military caste" —"Their (American) manners have not that repose that stamps the military caste of Europe..."

Honest American Soldiers Jar Continental Etiquette 

LONDON. May 11.— Considerable amusement has been caused by the publication of a dispatch from China saying great relief was felt among the European troops at the withdrawal of the Americans, who were too free and easy for the military etiquette of the Continental forces. The Daily News comments on this as follows:

"Their manners have not that repose that stamps the military caste of Europe. It is painful to think how the innocent freedoms of the American soldier must have jarred on Messrs. Atkins, Dumanet and the rest."

WASHINGTON. May 11.— It is the understanding at the State Department that the American troops who remain in the Forbidden City in Peking are very few in number and compose the legation guard which is to be permanently retained In Peking. They are now occupying the same place which they have held since the occupation of Peking, and it is supposed that they will remain where they are until a permanent United States legation compound has been secured.

BERLIN, May 11.— Officials here say that the withdrawal of the American troops from China is in accordance with an agreement between Von Waldersee and General Chaffee. The officials also
say Von Waldfrsee has not reported any recent disagreement with General Chaffee.—1901

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