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Etiquette and Russian Tea Festival

Gay Costumes, Music and Tea-Drinking Have Caught the Popular Fancy


Gay Costumes, Music and Tea-Drinking Have Caught the Popular Fancy

The second day of the Russian tea festival, held in the parlors of the Graeco - Russian Church, under the auspices of the ladies of the church, for the Indian famine sufferers, was even more successful than the first. 

Hundreds of people, attracted by the pretty tea girls in their charming Eastern costumes and the music and mirth that pervaded the whole place, gathered around the tables and enjoyed the tea that had been carried nearly around the world and was served from massive samovars by charming maids and matrons. 

The scene at night was partlcularly charming, the costumes of the ladies under the bright lights giving a kaleidoscopic effect as they glided in and out among the assembled guests. Mrs. Metropolsky and Mrs. Krasoff presided at the samovars. 

The costumes of the tea girls were as follows: Mrs. O. C. Schroder, Roumanian; Miss Mary Dabovich, Serbian; Miss G. Ayov, Syrian; Misses Natalie and Alexandria Metropolsky, Russian; Miss Krasoff, North Russian Peasant; Miss Lizzie Kashevnikoff and Miss Valentine Ligda, Russian; Miss George and Miss Holtz; Roumanian. 

The musical programme yesterday afternoon and last night was very entertaining. George Leron and Mr. Warren played the piano and violin, respectively; the Misses Sophia and Lucy Czarnecke rendered a charming vocal duet and Miss Mary Burin entertained at the piano in the afternoon. 

Professor Moser's Zither Club was an attraction in the evening. Father Popoff made a hit by singing a bass solo, and the Russian church choir sang several national hymns and popular Russian songs. Vocal solos were given by Miss Lottie Irving, Mrs. Irving and Mrs. Whitney. 

To-day will be the last day of the festival and the ladies expect to have a big crowd to take care of this afternoon. There will be a special programme, full of novelties for those who have not attended a Russian tea drinking. Everybody is invited to be present — San Francisco Call, 1900

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