Monday, October 8, 2018

Fashion Etiquette – Artistic Ruling

“During World War II the Government understood the importance of teaching our military men and women some of the subtleties of proper social behavior in foreign lands. Proper American social behavior was not enough. Our soldiers and sailors learned to remove their shoes before entering a Japanese home, or a Mohammedan mosque, or a Buddhist temple. They squatted or sat cross-legged at table and ate out of communal dishes in Mohammedan lands and in various Oriental countries.... They tried to remember certain shibboleths ... If this works under the stress of war, it will work in peacetime. As much as possible, while still identifying ourselves as Americans, we should behave as those we visit behave, not try to take the freest manners and language of our Main Streets abroad.” Amy Vanderbilt

Hair Do Will Be Short Bob –
“Artistic Disorder Ruling of Fashion”

CHICAGO, Sept. 15. Milady’s hair-do this fall will be a short bob, with a touch of “artistic disorder,” and the reason is time-saving for the war worker, the WAAC, the WAVE and the WAAF. So guest hairstylist Reno of Hollywood told the 23rd annual convention of the American Cosmeticians National Association today. The “disorder” which to Reno is “carefree, casual and careless, but artistic”—is what distinguishes the coiffure of this wartime autumn from the curt, crisp boyish bob of the last decade. – Madera Tribune, 1942

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