Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The 1895 Century Cookbook

View of a table cover for the first course

Mrs. Mary Ronald's Century Cook Book, just from the press of the Century Publishing Company, will prove a valuable household companion. The whole gastronomic field, ethical, practical and scientific, is covered. Mrs. Ronald also devotes a chapter to dinner and luncheon etiquette, which will be read with interest by every housewife. The authoress has been guided by the words of Ruskin. 
He says of the cook and cooking: 
“To be a good cook means the knowledge of all fruits, herbs, balms and spices, and of all that is healing and sweet in field and groves, and savory in meats; means carefulness, inventiveness, watchfulness, willingness and readiness of appliance. It means the economy of your great-grand-mothers and the science of modern chemists. It means much tasting and no wasting. It means English thoroughness, French art and Arabian hospitality. It means, in fine, that you are to be perfectly and always ladies (loaf-givers) and are to see that every one has something nice to eat.” [The Century Company, New York], 1895

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