Sunday, July 7, 2019

Teacher Fired Over Table Manners

Ate with His Knife — Picked Teeth with a Fork — Charge is Made
Proprietor of School Declares Table Manners of Teacher Confounded Etiquette

LOS ANGELES, June 15.—Because it is claimed he ate with a knife and picked teeth with a fork and was disloyal to the school, it was alleged by T. O. Adams, proprietor of the Yale English and Classical School, that Homer Scott, an Instructor in the school, should not collect $
150.00 due him on a contract as teacher. The case was heard by Justice Reeves yesterday. 

Many boys were brought into court as witnesses to prove that Mr. Scott was not properly qualified as an Instructor. Scott alleged he was discharged before the end of the term and under the terms of his contract, the money for his services for the entire term of school was due. The case was taken under advisement. — Chico Record, June 1912

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