Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Danish Queen's Etiquette

Louise of Hesse-Kassel (Louise Wilhelmine Frederikke Caroline Auguste Julie), was Queen of Denmark, as the wife of King Christian IX of Denmark. She died in 1898

She Made the Little Prince Apologize

The Queen of Denmark was strict as a military commander and tolerated no opposition to her will or moderation of such punishment as she dealt out to her children. While a mere boy her eldest son, the Crown Prince, was caught one day trying to ba
mboozle one of the sentries of the Royal Guard, of whom the little Prince demanded that he should present arms for him. 

According to court etiquette, a royal child is entitled to a “shoulder arms” salute until his confirmation, when “present arms” is the salute to be given by all sentries. The boy Prince demanded the latter salute, but the sentry stuck to his orders and refused to obey the request. 

The Queen obliged the Prince to go down and ask the soldier’s pardon “for unbefitting attitude and rudeness,” and having done this properly, he was locked into his room for two consecutive days. —Boston Transcript, 1898

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