Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Etiquette Relaxed for Holiday

Potsdam at Christmas.... Potsdam was a residence of the Prussian Kings and the German Kaiser, until 1918.

The 1895 German Christmas season, according to reports made by the leading shops in Berlin, shows a boom in business. The sale of the cheaper class of goods has been slack in favor of the higher and more costly class, and the casual onlooker would consider that the merchants, as well as the public, have been having a fine time all around. The "North German Gazette" says that Berlin has received and sent out Christmas parcels far exceeding in number those sent and received during Christmas week of 1894.

The celebration in the new palace at Potsdam on Christmas Eve was even more brilliant than usual. The Emperor and Empress and the members of their family entered the Shell Hall at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, attended by the members of the Imperial household. The presents were spread out upon tables placed along the walls, and the young Princes could hardly be restrained from infractions of etiquette by rushing forward to admire the handsome gifts before all of the company had assembled. 

Immediately after the company had taken their positions, the members of the Emperor's suite, the court ladies, the Emperor, the Empress and the Princes, with their suite, having been assigned to places forming a square with a plastic representation of the nativity at Bethlehem in the cener, the Kaiser allowed court etiquette to relax, and everybody mixed freely with the others. The young Princes ran about, discovering fresh sources of delight upon each table, but after an hour's enjoyment of this kind, the children were obliged to retire.

The Emperor dined with his intimate circle, Dr. Von Tucanus, General Von Hahnke and others of his private Cabinet. — Sacramento Daily Union, 1895

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