Monday, October 19, 2015

Etiquette and Gilded Age Fads

Another of the latest fads adopted by America's most fashionable women, the nose veil. Resembling the oft-described veils of Turkey's harem beauties, a la the creation of Mrs. ... on streets of Newport with terrific force, burning everything not under cover. The Spokesman Review, July 1913 
And before long, we had the newest fad in clothing styles, "harem pants"
Harem Veil is Fad in Newport
Mrs. C. A. Mason, a Chicago society woman, is given the credit for having introduced the harem veil fad in Newport. The veil is much like the covering which many high caste Turkish women still wear over the lower part of their faces when they appear in the streets in public. It allows only their eyes to be seen. Chicago, July 21, 1912 

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