Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Fans of Prince Forget Manners

Abbas Hilmi Pasha, the last Khedive and second Viceroy of Egypt
–Public domain image, 

The other Eastern Prince now in Europe, the Viceroy of Egypt, has been mobbed in London. The unfortunate man went to the Zoological Gardens, and in a moment became an attraction greater then even the monkeys or the cockatoos. Whether the hippopotamus from the banks of the Nile recognized his Sovereign Lord or not we cannot say, but the well-behaved public gave chase to the new lion and pursued him down all sorts of avenues and walks until, as we read, he regained his carriage, scared and breathless. So much for the politeness of Londoners. The Horse Guards had better detach a squadron to assist the Viceroy in his explorations of the English metropolis, or he may go away with the impression that the manners of the people are modeled upon the habits of the wild beasts in their show gardens.– New York Times, 1867

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