Monday, February 4, 2019

Changing 19th C. British Manners

The British hostess is now available for chaperoning or engineering your house parties while you’re vacationing in England!– “Notwithstanding the decidedly radical change in British manners and customs during the last decade, the ‘insular British female’ of a certain type, still holds her own...” From The New York Tribune, 1893 Etiquipedia©: Victorians and American Manners, August 2016

From the Women’s Section 

“A woman returning from a stay in England is authority for the statement that it is not uncommon over there, for the owner of a handsome suburban residence, to receive pay for an autumn or winter house party. She will act as chaperone, if desired, or will efface herself in her own quarters, directing the management of the servants, to relieve the temporary hostess from all cares of that sort.” – Sacramento Daily Union, 1898

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