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Canadian Transit Etiquette

Canadian Public Transit Etiquette

Share the Ride in Halifax-

Common courtesy never goes out of style. In today's world of eco-friendly travel, public transit is becoming a popular commuter option. It’s cost effective and convenient – but what about the experience on board?

Over the years, Metro Transit has heard of ‘bus buddies’ who meet on board our buses and ferries, and stories of chivalry, kindness, and even lifesaving encounters. Our customers want a safe, comfortable, and pleasant ride from point A to B; how can we work together to make sure this happens?

We can Share the Ride–

The Share the Ride campaign is intended to remind customers to exhibit good passenger etiquette on board our buses and ferries by highlighting key behaviours in a humourous way that may keep all passengers from enjoying their journey. Together, let's:
    • Share the seats and space
    • Be mindful of others around you
    • Be courteous and respectful
By engaging in proper behaviour while onboard Metro Transit, we will all experience a better commute.
Not Your Favourite Musk
Share the Ride, not your Favourite Musk

  • Please remember that some people are scent sensitive. Many people suffer from allergies to scented products so avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes on board our buses and ferries.

Not Your Baggage

  • Share the Ride, not your Baggage
  • Please keep the seats next to you free for other passengers.
  • Ensure you take up only one seat; bags should be placed on your lap or stowed under your seat. 
  • Also, be aware of the designated courtesy seating intended for the elderly, mobility-impaired, pregnant women, and children. 

Calgary Transit Etiquette

Etiquette on Transit

Taking transit means sharing space. Literally and figuratively, we're all in it together, so it's important that you treat your fellow riders with courtesy and respect. Even the simplest actions can ensure that everyone, including you, has a more positive transit experience.

In partnership with TransLink, Calgary Transit is launching an etiquette campaign to help promote courteous behaviour on public-transit. Every two months, a different ad will be placed in CTrains and buses to tackle a new passenger habit that could affect other riders.

1. Courtesy seating
Seats closest to the doors are for persons with disabilities and/or seniors. People appreciate you offering these seats to them. It's worth remembering that some people have disabilities that aren't always obvious. If someone asks you to give up a seat because they have a disability, please take their word for it.

2. Personal audio devices
If other people can hear music through your headphones – it's too loud. Just think about what all that excessive volume is doing to your eardrums. For yourself, and for those around you, please – keep it down.

3. Food & Drink
If you are going to eat or drink while riding the system, remember to keep it clean and don’t litter.

4. Cell phones
Unless you want to share your conversation with everyone around you, please keep your voice down. The microphone is only a few millimetres from your face - there's no need to yell.

5. Keep doorways clear
In order for people to get on the CTrain, people first need to be allowed to get off. Before you board, please stand back and allow passengers to exit.

When on the bus, the area around an exit door might look like a convenient place to lean, but standing there makes it difficult for people wanting to get off (and can be confusing for the driver). Please stand clear and allow people to exit easily.

6. Backpacks, luggage, grocery bags, & laptops
Your large bags can be a pain for people around you. Please remove your backpack and put it on the floor – especially when standing as it's easy to bump someone. If seating space is limited, ensure that your personal items are not taking away seats from other passengers. Does your bag really need its own seat?

7. Personal hygiene
Rush hour could mean having to be in close quarters with other passengers. Deodorant can make all the difference. But be mindful; many people suffer from allergies to certain scents. Please apply any perfumes and colognes sparingly.

8. Make room for others
Our system can get very busy during rush hour and we do not want to leave people behind. When boarding a bus, move towards the back to allow space for others. When on the CTrain, move towards the centre of the train.

9. Smoking
Smoking on Transit property is an offense and you can get fined (see Transit Bylaw 4M81, section 14).  Nobody likes second-hand smoke or seeing cigarette butts on the ground.

City of Calgary - Transportation Department - Calgary Transit 

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