Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jogging Etiquette at Japan's Imperial Palace

Since many persons, such as not only a runner but a pedestrian, a bicycle, a tourist, are in the circumference of the Imperial Palace, a runner’s manners become very important.

Tokyo officials compiled etiquette to deal with a surge in the number of joggers exercising along the fringes of the Imperial Palace.

10 Things the Japanese National Tourist Association of Chiyoda City Wants You to Know
  1. Stay on the left side – Note that cars are driven on the left side of the road in Japan, so…
  2. No passing your fellow runner – When the path becomes narrow run in line
  3. Run counterclockwise to fit in- That what it’s made for. Everyone is doing it so you should too.
  4. Pace yourself during rush hour – Run with ease at the time of rush hours not worry about time.
  5. Call it when overtaking the person in front of you – "Coming through!"
  6. No "clotheslining" people from behind- Don’t to spread when running in a group.
  7. Do your best to stay out of the way – Neither cool-down nor talking while standing closes a way.
  8. Wear headphones – The volume of a music player is cut down.
  9. Take home your garbage, keeping the trail clean – The Tokyo Imperial Palace would appreciate it.
  10. Give it your all- It runs with the heart of consideration.

About #5: How to call out Hidarigawa Wo Torimasu

Although there are a lot of ways to call out your fellow runner when passing, you don’t want to be rude saying something like “get out of the way, coming through (zoom).” No, all you have to do is tell the person in front of you loud enough so that they can hear you, “I’m coming at your left!”

When you overtake, you can prevent contact by “going along the right side” from behind, and calling out to others. It is a serious thing to warn the rear.

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