Thursday, January 11, 2018

Puzzling “Niceties of Etiquette”

Though the King and his family were not in attendance for dinner, President and Mrs. Wilson were photographed with the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, in 1918

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Will Occupy “Belgian Suite” While in London; Some Puzzled Over Niceties of Etiquette

“The Belgian suite,” reserved exclusively for Royal guests until now, will be occupied by President and Mrs. Wilson during their stay in London. In the years of its interesting history, it has had within its walls many Crowned Heads, one of the latest, but the least mentioned at Buckingham Palace, being the former German Emperor. It was given its name during Queen Victoria’s reign, and was always known as the “House of the King of the Belgians,” when Royalty was entertained here. 

At the request of President Wilson, who evidently found that too much is being crowded into his short stay in England, the proposed dinner at Lancaster House Saturday night has been eliminated. This was to have been a function only second to the banquet at Buckingham Palace Friday night. Instead of the Lancaster House banquet, Premier Lloyd George will entertain the President at dinner Saturday, to meet the War Cabinet. 

Those in charge of the arrangements, particularly the officials at Buckingham Palace, are puzzled at times over the niceties of etiquette, the result of the unique situation that there will be no Royal guests at the Palace. These puzzles, however, have been only of momentary duration, except among some of the aged attendants who have been casting about for guidance. It is understood that they have been informed that it will be plain “Mr. Wilson” and “Mrs. Wilson,” much to their relief. – Sacramento Union, 1918

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