Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Etiquette and Teamsters

The name of the union was changed, in 1909, to International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers of America to reflect the expanding membership

"Plans To Establish School Where All Teamsters Can Study Etiquette"

A school of etiquette for teamsters is to be established. John T. Stockton, who is known as the "Chesterfield of the teaming industry," is to be instructor.                                  
In a dispute at a freight house over precedence according to the new authority the "language" must be after the following model:

"Pardon me, Mike, but I believe I have the right of way." "If you will permit me to suggest that under rule 23 of the revised code of 'Manners and Morals of Teamsters,' my claim has precedence." "All right, old scout, back up, you've won." -From The Santa Cruz Evening News, 1909
By the looks of this riot between striking Teamsters and police in Minnesota in 1934, sadly, we at Etiquipedia© are guessing the etiquette classes didn't really take. 

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